Japan Otamachi, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa-ken
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Ota-cho autumn festival website

It is the autumn festival held in
Otamachi, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa-ken.
It visits all houses in the
neighborhood on the
festival day (60 houses).

The Miya stage fright event is performed
from around 10:00 p.m.

size -- various fireworks are launched.

The last dance performance is
 "lion murder."

Ota-cho autumn festival website
The festival of next Ota
   is performed on
October 8, 2006.

A last update date is February 17, 2005.
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 A launch of fireworks
 Alcohol is the necessaries
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The 2005 fiscal year
 It is the slide show of the 2005
   autumn festival.
 It is the pattern of the 2005
   autumn festival.
 It is the practice scenery
   of a lion dance.
 The festival lion dance of
   syosihara has been danced.
 The festival lion dance of
   sikinami has been danced.
 The pyrotechnist team has been
   performed to the
    Tatsunokuchi festival.
 The pyrotechnist team
   has been to Okayama.
 Pyrotechnist team mobilization
 morinonigiwai in ishikawa
The 2004 fiscal year
The lion dance of Ishikawa Prefecture is roughly divided into three kinds.
The lion dance of the
Kaga lion,
the Noto lion,
and Etchuu lion
Ota becomes the Etchuu lion.

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